In the book "The Tipping Point," the author, Malcolm Gladwell answers many questions that people often ponder. This is a great book to help one understand trends and why people do the things they do in order to exercise success and grow their brand. I read this book when I traveled to Tampa over the weekend and found it very insightful!

Gladwell's first lesson is letting your idea spread like fire once it reaches the tipping point. It's the where your idea crosses from being interesting to a few people to a "can't live without" product for many. This is true for many applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. These apps once started out small and then took off and now almost everyone has all of these applications.

His second lesson is focusing on those who specialize in coming up with great ideas. It talked about how they are connectors, salesmen and mavens. These three types of professionals will most definitely set you up for success. As for connectors, they have a large network which is very beneficial for growing your brand, business, etc because you have access to unlimited people. Next, are the salespeople. These people will inspire you to go far beyond what you think you are capable of and succeed. They are the ones who know how to work the system and get the best outcome possible. Lastly, there are the mavens. Mavens are the ones who know everything about anything. They are the most reliable because they know all of the directions, information and advice. Connecting with these three types of people will set you up for success in your journey.

Gladwell's final lesson was having a "sticky idea." This means that your idea needs to trigger someone's reaction. With that being said, anyone who reads should have sparked an interest to a certain degree. This idea is something you want people to remember and take with them. When you are able to do this, you will be successful.

This book had a lot of tips, key factors and insight. I really enjoyed reading this book and think it could help a lot of people with their careers!

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